The real power lies in being aware of the thoughts you have according to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. should you try to always think big? Donald Trump Everything the human mind can conceive, you can create more proof do we need to once and for all, finally convinced that the human mind is everything! Because we are so reluctant and stubborn to accept it! We should understand now! We mind with a body and a mind nocuerpo! Never let your thoughts wander, it’s dangerous, learn to think, learn to concentrate, learn to focus, be aware of what you think, stay focused only on what you want, is complicated if, but only at first, then, is the hardest job I think, that should make way to success. We must remember that the only difference between a successful man and another who has failed to succeed is the focus, successful man is constantly focused every day, in what they want to achieve, what motivates him to take action (the action is result of positive thoughts and feelings) while others (losers) do not know what they want, not clear where they go and therefore do not know where they are not focused almost nuncay if they do focus on their problems , debts and doubts that attracts more of the same. It is a vicious circle! Now to better understand, why the rich are getting richer and why the poor are increasingly miserable and unhappy? Think and focus on what you want and only what you want! Every day! Starting today! As of this moment! You are a creator! You have the power to create! Use your mind! But not tomorrow, start TODAY! ..