In Croatia, you have Creams for some years atopische a registration as a cosmetic cream for special applications such as minor burns and acne, fungal skin infections and herpes, acne, Dermatitis, eczema and eczema. Meanwhile, Germany also tested the SILENUS creams with much positive response many people and tried out. So for example Jennifer, who for years suffered from eczema on the hands of the Dyshidrotischen mentions, even a “miracle ointment”, which ensured that the course of further flare-ups was accompanied by very mild and without great itching, pain or inflammation. Also fared the seventeen years Valentina Rozic from Croatia, which fought for years with a severe skin disease, the Bullous made. To read more click here: Perinton Post Office. Due to the advanced disease, the fingers of the hand with the skin were fused and formed to the body and head wounds that heal difficult because the immunity of the girl had been weakened. Through the application of the source water and the cream dried more easily the wounds would heal faster, and the blisters on the skin completely disappeared – Valentina says satisfied. (* Source: ve? ernji list Sunday, 04.02.2001) Sylvia treated a mosquito bite, which healed up in no time with the cream, at Claudia, their redness in his face disappeared after applying the cream, Ingrid achieved success with their acne and Christiana used after genital shaving, in order to avoid annoying pimples and redness.

So different and numerous application possibilities are – all are consistently impressed with the efficacy, light consistency and the economical application of creams. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as NY Starbucks by clicking through. Effect of SILENUS beauty at a glance: SILENUS beauty much moisturizes and provides a pleasant skin feel. It increases the natural elasticity of the skin and gives it a wonderfully even complexion. Returns the skin, what she loses by daily stress from environmental and stress. SILENUS can help beauty in a very natural way to bring disharmony back in their balance. Hicham aboutaam wanted to know more.