Despite the increase in VAT and rising prices German consumers place greater emphasis again best quality in food and beverages also if you must Access this deeper in the Pocket. “” Frankfurt am Main, Germany – German consumers reflect more on pleasure and quality: the noticeable economic upswing, accompanied with a declining number of unemployed, can be values such as good quality “and food and drink only the best” despite rising prices to new life (see Figure 1). In the context of a recent survey in the ACNielsen Homescan household panel, 38 percent of respondents, representative households indicated gladly pay more for special quality; There were only 36 percent in the previous year. Particularly with regard to food and drink, the higher value of good quality plays a role: while indicated only about 9.5 million households in 2006 to provide the best quality, quite deliberately in food and beverages there were 1.5 million budget more in the current survey with nearly 11 million households! In the Especially households over 55 years of age (see Figure 2) agreed this statement than the population average. Also significantly grew consent to questions concerning pleasure and claim: more than 40 percent of Germans described themselves as Epicures; according to own about 37 percent said to entertain their guests like to style. Here, you can download the pictures as a .ppt file.

Figure 1 figure 2 about ACNielsen ACNielsen, a company of The Nielsen Company, is the world’s leading marketing information company. Covering over 100 countries and analyzes ACNielsen market developments, consumer attitudes and consumer behavior. Customers rely on the observation of the market, the analytical tools and professional advice by ACNielsen when it comes to the development of new business opportunities, maximizing the efficiency of their marketing and sales campaigns, or competitive analysis. The main clients of ACNielsen worldwide include retailers, brand manufacturers and the service industries. Business owner, Managing Director, Marketing Manager, market researchers and analysts, product developer, product manager, Sales Manager, experts for trade relations, as well as buyers and category managers take advantage of the services of ACNielsen. The product and service offering by ACNielsen Germany headquarters in Frankfurt am main the scanningbasierte trade Panel MarketTrack, the household panel, Homescan, analytic consulting services, decision support services and management include information systems, merchandising services, as well as consulting in category management processes. Find more about ACNielsen in the Internet under: about the Nielsen Company the Nielsen Company is a global information and media company with leading market positions and recognized brands in marketing information (ACNielsen), media information (Nielsen Media Research), business publications (Billboard, the Hollywood Reporter, Adweek) and trade shows. The company is active in over 100 countries.

The Nielsen Company is privately owned and has offices in Haarlem (Netherlands) and New York (United States).