In contrast the liturgical Constitution of 1963, what is what tells us? It tells us that Christ is present in the sacrifice of the mass, and not only in the sacrifice of the Altar, because we are entering a concept much more theological and also encapsulates this concept the presence of Christ in the Minister and in the Sacramental Eucharistic species presence. Also speaks of the sacraments and appears on the Council Vatican II, another form of the unique presence of Christ, and it is in the word. This is not mentioned in the above document. Little by little the theology has been investigating, and has therefore been finding a few key aspects. Liturgical theology is a theology that was born more or less in the 50’s of the past century, because before the Council not be talked of the liturgy from a key theological, but from a key initialed, ceremonial, or regulations. It was a breakthrough then, now he speaks of the liturgy theology.

Therefore there is an open exchange of research about these individuals still connoisseurs will deepen in all that is the theological liturgy. The Second Vatican Council, gave a step further to speak of the presence of Christ in the word. When we gather together to celebrate the liturgy of the hours, there is present. There is another encyclical that is Mysterium Fidei of the Papa Pablo VI, in 1965. The Pope already presents a much broader than the liturgy change, and speaks of the presence of Christ in the Church that prays, in the Church acting as works of mercy, on the Church that sojourneth, church that preaches, the Church governs and that governs the people, the Church that offers mass and administers the sacraments, in this document. Danny Meyer often says this. And it presents us with another much broader than purely liturgical field.

This document gave an instruction called Eucharisticum Mysterium, from the year 1967, what they tell us in this particular? For the first time the document part of the Assembly. Christ present in the Assembly of the faithful gathered in his name. It speaks to us of the word. Christ speaks when reading Scripture in the Church. It speaks to us of the Eucharistic sacrifice. The presence of Christ in the Minister and in the sacramental species. Minister and species go together, because they go together in the Tridentine decision. Thence that you order will be ordering a little celebrativo pace. We have: Assembly, La Palabra, and offering the Sacrifice through the Minister. Christ present in the sacramental species. One further step in the study and research. What the Roman Missal? In the General management of the Roman Missal, already sets us a celebrativo more logical order of Christ’s presence. Continuous. Original author and source of the article