The result of skin around the eyes is smooth, soft and well-groomed. Recommendations for use gentle patting movements, apply gently to the skin around eye. For best results, use morning and night. Do not massage the properties of the active day cream moisturizes, helps prevent dryness and aging skin by restoring the protective hydrolipid (Water and fat layer). It nourishes and improves skin elasticity by improving blood circulation. Helps skin resist the aggressive external factors. Optimal moisturizing complex, which includes floral squalene and argan oil.

Vegetable Squalane is made from a certain fraction of olive oil. He warns the water loss and restores skin elasticity. This non-toxic, not irritating, allergenic, completely natural and compatible with the epidermis of human skin components. Argan oil – a very rare and valuable product. It is derived from the Argan – tree growing in only one place in the world – the south-west Morocco. This oil has anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, firming properties.

Comfortable skin condition is achieved by the action of squalene and plant almond oil. This is an excellent product giving the feeling silky, contains oleic and linoleic acids, rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. Skin protection is ensured by the use of argan oil, shea butter (karite), almond oil, alfalfa, seed oil apricot (recovery, regeneration), macadamia oil. Apricot seed oil helps restore and regenerate the skin, has anti-inflammatory, tonic, rejuvenating effect, contributes to the normalization of lipid metabolism, restore skin elasticity. Macadamia oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and is close in composition to sebum – the dermal fat. Learn more about this with hicham aboutaam.