Currently, anyone in our country are not surprised by vending machines, which are available on the streets, underground passages and shopping malls in any city or locality. Sales of various products through vending machines is known as vending. Vending today one of the most promising and fastest growing types of businesses, allowing for very serious financial success in a relatively short period of time. and for several reasons. First and foremost, the implementation of sales through vending machines does not require the use of cash registers, no need to licensing. Thus, the vending – is entirely legitimate business that meets all the legal requirements of modern legislation, which you can do with minimal investment and without much red tape.

Perhaps why vending is often not the main work of our citizens, and a kind of hobby that they can do after their main job. After all, vending machines is enough to check several times a week, spending a mere 15-20 minutes on a single vending machine. Agree, a weighty addition to our meager wages in the form of training vending looks very tempting. In this case, many people who started his vending business with multiple trading automata, then completely switched to it, becoming successful and financially independent people. The fact is that if the vending pay all his time, a similar time on a normal working state, then for One day a man without a problem can cater for up to 35 vending machines. It is important that the special problems for those who have decided to start a similar business, does not arise. Enough to determine the place of installation of your machine, to conclude with lessor agreement, to purchase a vending machine, to make its installation, and after filling it with the required components, periodically come and eat produce revenue.

That is, no need to rent a warehouse, office, to recruit a staff of different professions and activities – with all the works can be managed independently. In domestic terms the average check, which gives the vending machine at the one square meter area for trade, almost one and a half times higher than the check in the retail network. The value of sales from this area five times the value of retail sales of the usual form. As you can see any problems with the 'Beating' imbedded in vending facilities are generally not arise. Of course, is well thought out the location of its vending machines, determine their type and content, to make some effort at first stages of their business, but even in the shortest possible time vending machines will bring a stable and fairly significant income. "Iron sellers are not required weekends and sick, they should not be sent to medical check-up – they will work for your benefit without sleep and vacations throughout the year.