The Sinyaki, a major professional group in Yekaterinburg, the renowned as a strategic asset of the routes of metals, including categories of dual-use items. 53 Other observers believe that the majority of Chechen gangs in Moscow on tsentralen 'Naya group occasionally also trafficking in nuclear materials. While in the past the majority of stolen nuclear materials were moved to the west. Chechen connection indicates a possible change in the levels of southern Russia. NYC Marathon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the Caucasus and central Asia is traditionally the focus of organized crime and drug trafficking. the region could easily become a large area of open trade if proliferation.

(Lee, 1997. Pp 114-15) Even if the arms trade more material could be easily contained, wide availability of toxic radioactive materials is a major threat in itself. 54 In the hands of terrorists, even ordinary reactor waste could become a weapon. Combined in a dispersal device, together with conventional explosives. a bomb attack could contaminate a large area.

Radioactive substances introduced into the dust of ventilation an office building, as the WTC could create enormous casualties. The question is whether the terrorist group can achieve its goals more effectively with a nuclear device. a pump or a conventional chemical or biological weapons. Feliz. there are very few attempts of nuclear terrorism publicly known to date. A shameful attempt. however. occurred in the capital of the Russian Atomic Energy Minister powerful Russia, and Victor MikhaiIov continually denied that nuclear materials falling into the wrong components hands.55 however. the end of 1995, Shamil Basayev, a Chechen military commander, organized the funeral and the subsequent discovery of a bag full of cesium-137 because of Izmailovsky Park, a few blocks from the headquarters MINATOM.