The wedding car is the couple for the trip from the Church to the place of celebration at the disposal. Various original decorations are offered depending on the style of the wedding and the season. The vehicle should fit the style of your wedding and the wedding dress offer enough space, so that the wedding dress not crumpled the Church reached. The wedding carriage with 2 white horses is at a romantic wedding. At an unconventional ceremony, a convertible, a decorated beetle or even a festive decorated tandem is attached. A Rolls Royce, a classic car, a Jaguar, or a Mercedes offer themselves for an elegant wedding. Please note, that a decorated car is progressing only slowly, and a coach needs more time se when choosing a vehicle. The season, as well as the amount of the rental costs also play a role.

The cheapest way is to borrow a suitable vehicle sent and acquaintances. No matter which vehicle you choose for the ride to the registry or to the Church, a flower jewelry should not be missed. Hotels on the With flowers on the hood of the car holder and car heart offered car jewelry. With tools from the range of floristry (flower arranging / florists) you can make the car arrangements themselves. At the heart of the car the floral foam for fresh flowers is mounted on a stable base of natural wood.

3 powerful suction cups ensure a hassle-free, simple mounting and secure a firm hold on the hood. The suction cups can be unscrewed from the base. Thus, the heart for more wedding decorations is available. The car holder has a suction working pressure. Pressing two levers attached to the page, can the arrangement fixed or solved are. The suckers left absolutely no traces or residues on the hood. For the Autodeko is also a Garland made of artificial flora, which is attached below the windscreen. The decoration of carriages, small bouquets can be attached to the doors. A nice idea is to enable all of the wedding convoy vehicles on the way from the Church to the celebration, with a Ribbon to decorate. When the entire wedding decor of wedding cars, be aware that everything is color matched to more wedding decoration. Of the wedding dress, the bride’s bouquet, car decoration, the Saaldeko to the table decorations, a colour and stylistic line must be to detect. White organza or tulle straps include the other decoration of the Brautwangens. For the side mirrors, antennas, and door handles, straps and loops can be made. In addition, red and white heart balloons are attached to the antenna or the door handles. Loud clanking cans on the bumper to expel evil spirits on the ride that could threaten the marriage. This custom is known from many American films. Dirk Niebuhr