Willingness to relocate to the termination of the maintenance needs and fulfillment of the obligation on the post-divorce purchase maintenance is required to search, but also in areas with better employment situation not only at the current place of residence for a workplace desiring. The purchase obligation from an objective perspective as was corrective of the purely subjective requirements by the Federal Supreme Court the realistic chance of keep mob rule on employment introduced. It keeps then, the maintenance claim of the applicant if lens is not expected, that he will find employment in continued job search. An objectively made assessment of the labour market access of the applicant spouse is of particular importance in this case. This can be done, for example, on the basis of the findings of the employment agency. A relevant indication is also long-lasting, unsuccessful job seekers of the spouse requesting maintenance. The comprehensive case analysis leads to the conclusion that the Applicant under realistic conditions no acquisition activity received more, or one would be those based on entirely unrealistic or theoretical conditions, shall be deemed its purchase obligation and the maintenance claim be justified. If the spouse desirable maintenance BGB for subjective or objective reasons meets the conditions of the purchase obligation according to 1574 I, the permission of his claim follows post-divorce spousal support from section 1573 I BGB. As experts of German family law lawyers of the Munich firm of Dittenheber & Werner support all clients effective and engaged in, to enforce their interests. Information and advice on all areas of German family law provide them at any time. Press contact Dittenheber & Werner lawyers law firm contact person: Gunther Werner Pettenkoferstrasse 44 80336 Munich Tel.: 0 89 – 54 34 48 30 fax: 0 89 – 54 34 48 33 E: mail: Homepage: