Make you’re holidays in Denmark in a cottage you rightly cosiness in the Royal House of Denmark is a known size in the German media mainly because of the Royal family. Who has seen not a report on the smoking Queen Margrethe with their beloved dachshund, or Crown Prince FREDERIK, moving confidently with kith and kin in the international arena. Compared to the other Royal houses of Europe, it is amazingly quiet in the Danish Royal House. Ensure only the biting dog of the Queen then and when furore. The relaxed Royal family is a nation with their down-to-Earth mentality. The Danes can be so fast not from the rest of the metropolis, in the urban atmosphere, royales flair and village charm together unite – a capital city with heart and hygge, also not in Copenhagen,”(Danish for comfort). As far as the eye can see: the beaches of the West Coast as a tourist destination is Denmark, but known primarily because of its villas and its beautiful beaches.

The West coast of Jutland, which led several hundred meters wide beaches to dream with miles and the part is most popular. In part the beaches even with the car are passable, and often runs a bus service to the beach along. Beach enthusiasts can so pack up the trunk and ancestors with bag and baggage right on the water. The beaches of the West Coast are so spacious that neither traffic nor the summer tourist hordes are a fantastic beach experience in the way. Those who would like some peace, drive down the beach just a few kilometers away and are quite unobstructed – even in the high season. The sand is fine and soft now only the weather to play ball. Each Denmark holiday makers there should have rain stuff, and also on a breeze you should set.