Subsequent action planning sets out in writing what is undertaken exactly how and by whom and when with how much budget to achieve the targeted goals. The subsequent control measures the results and heralds a round of optimization. In parallel, more appropriate marketing activities can be planned depending on the situation, because the recommended uses with a time delay. The fact is that the cost of traditional sales and promotional activities through a systematic referral marketing can be significantly reduced. The customer is to the seller, and he makes it virtually free. Ralf G. Nemeczek: What motivates people to make recommendations? What differences are there between the active and the passive referral marketing? Anne M.

Schuller: Basically referrers will be active for three reasons: to qualify as someone who knows – the status motive behind this is. The help motive is to help ensure that it goes well other – behind. Financial or material reasons -. It is hoped a reward. Active recommendation, if the recommender by itself is so active, the two first shots with the emotional reward associated playing the main role. “The trigger’, which brings him to act: give me some that look good in that which I can make me a name, I want to recommend that like what I then get admiration or gratitude from others.” A previously weak recommendation behavior is to be stimulated, so additional money or merchandise awards are a remedy of choice.

The principle is quite simple: people increase behavior for which they get attention, recognition or reward. Who gets customers on the basis of recommendations, should therefore in any case thank: immediately and joyously, preferably by phone or better yet personally. In addition, I recommend a such attention to a small individual surprise to hold or the recommender to give, he in turn love talks about. Ralf G. Nemeczek: What Play role in staff? Anne M.