Statistics show that more and more people take advantage of the opportunity, to become self-employed. Young people directly after graduating from school, as well as older people, who are looking for an alternative to their current job or unemployment also using this opportunity. The result of so many businesses is for consumers of course a wide selection and countless opportunities. It means for companies and self-employed themselves but that they need to prevail among many competitors. This not always easy, especially if no special ideas with independence can be implemented. Hairdressers, restaurant operators, artisans and service companies must stand out by their quality and service to the customers from the competition.

It is worthwhile to organise an open day for the founding of a company or the opening of a business. This allows the entrepreneur to introduce themselves and at the same time important contacts. Because only then, if managed to convince customers of the company to these dates, the business idea is to success. The advertising for the open day can be, for example, by advertising media such as flyers or even radio advertising. At the same time it is also, to get perfect giveaways for this date and then giving it away to the potential customers. This freebies for virtually every start-up company offered, by the hair salon on the master craftsmen from the clothing store.

According to the corporate philosophy very different freebies can be used here. Universally suited to the mass procurement of promotional pens and promotional keyrings. Both utensils can be ordered according to request very favorable or but also in the middle price segment. Companies, for example, that want to promote themselves for high-quality products or the quality of their work, should therefore not be the best Goods choose to give them to their customers. The pens and keychains can be distributed in either by the entrepreneurs themselves but by a dedicated artist, clown or by employees. For small clients it is, to use also sweets as gifts. The young company then established itself in the market, the advertising should still take on a great importance. The classic giveaways can be used of course still like pens and keychains, as gifts for long-standing customers or employees and suppliers are however higher quality pens, umbrellas, textiles or promotional bags. Simple promotional bags made of plastic or fabric can being given away in everyday on every sale to the customer, which carry so the ads through the city and continue to spread the name of the business. All listed freebies can be ordered today from many advertising producers and on request with the own logo.