When you search for cheap hotels in Manhattan NY, one of the 5 districts of the most visited city in the United States, you’ll see that this borough is subdivided into several sections: Downtown (is the triangle South of the peninsula up to 14th Street), Midtown (from 14th Street to 59, where Central Park begins) and Uptown, which is divided in turn into Upper East Side, to the right of the great New York lung and Upper West Side, to the left. Your cheap hotel in Manhattan NY could be near the banks of the East River or Hudson River, which passes through all the State of New York to drain into the Atlantic Ocean. Very hot summers and frigid winters, White Christmas are a classic in this city. Read more here: Bill de Blasio. You will find a wide range of cheap hotels in manhattan ny will not be difficult to orient yourself: the streets are numbered 1 to 210, from South to North of the island. From Downtown (southern tip of Manhattan) to Uptown, in New York there are number of neighborhoods to explore: Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, Tribeca, Greenwich, West & East Village, Chelsea, Madison Square, Broadway and Central Park, Harlem and the Heights, are some of the most famous. Salt your hotel cheap in Manhattan NY and miss its streets, NYC will surprise you in every corner of its cosmopolitan diversity, its museums, parks, shops, art galleries, skyscrapers, restaurants and delis. From your cheap hotel in Manhattan NY you can cross by ferry to Staten Island to enjoy stunning views while the Sun; also from the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge you can take great pictures.