What is the secret of a successful application? 1. You are using for each company, that same letter pattern it’s possible to apply one of the worst kind and ways on different jobs with the same cover letter. That may have an effect at small companies, which have no specific human resources department. An experienced Manager but prompt notice whether your application was customized to the company or whether it is full with a phrase that said nothing after the other. So take the time and search the Web site of the operation in detail. What business it moving? Is it internationally active? What transport options are there? My advice: Such advantages as well as disadvantages of this company can be found out.

As a result, you’re better to weigh whether the operation is actually fits to your future professional plans also. 2. You used the wrong application folder of the initial impression will decide. If you with a rundown folders crosses, which has among other things still donkey ears, you basically have the answer, why you didn’t come in the shortlist. You should advertise for yourself and thus convince your prospective boss or HR managers of friends and your qualities. And that starts with the first impression of the application folder. Imagine, you stroll through the village and go over to a fashion boutique.

The logo, which dangles above the door, flickering as well as the banners of not just trusted motels. From outside you can recognize that the vast outfits on the floor flacken, employees rotate only fiddling and beyond look unkempt. Within moments, you decide that you will not enter this place. You want to not even go through the door, although the clothing that they might have the ausgezeichnetste quality of the entire globe. And so it is similar with the first impression in your application. With the help of This becomes your qualified application best. It goes even a step: HR managers also take care what looks like the envelope. Is the stamp affixed properly? Is the address neat and as correctly spelled? It should be easily recognizable that you gave you trouble. Note: Your mailing address above links go, which the company below right. Note, among other things, that you mention the head of human resources at once in the address of your letter of motivation pattern. So your request can pass large operating faster to the respective section. By Hans p.