This issue arises in front of many who want to leave a memorable wedding, Christine, vypuskonogo child or just a good spree! There are several "buts": Video operator – not a cheap. There are also Photographer! I did everything to take off his camera. The answer is very simple – videographer – a professional who knows his business! He is memorializing just the right moment, in the right perspective. His shooting will never be oiled or unfocused. Videographer – is the man who in the video separate your feelings of happiness from bytovuhi, which is nikruti, there is always, and by the time you will remember only the good and not something like a drunken guests argue each other or head teacher, who suddenly lit up from nerves in children, not speak about what the movie will cut the whole mat and other uncivilized expression. A true professional in their field will create a film from which one may for a moment off. The whole wedding will fly as many hours a few lovely romantic moments, surrounded by the friends and relatives of people And now the points. The fact that the video – it's expensive – is nonsense! There are, of course, unscrupulous operators who "wring" prices, but decent professionals take only as much as you want.

After all, you end up with no videos from your mobile phone, but a real professional film, which will be filmed at using professional (powerful camera, lights, tripods, etc.). Second: "I am quite the photographer." Here, without comment How to capture "on film" wedding dance or a song your child on the child matinee in the garden? Even the best photographer will give only a moment – a percent of those emotions that can be transmitted through time, filmed the event with a good quality . And in conclusion, "I have my camera-I everything myself on it zasnimu! ". Of course – it's possible, but just imagine: all the guests have fun, relax, tell jokes, and you just stand with the camera on the sidelines. Yes, at first it seems amusing, but I assure you, half an hour you are just bored, want to just join the guests. And on festive video you will only have seating guests in their places and, at best, the first toast. Speaking of toast. Say what you like on holidays taken drinking, and if you're shooting themselves or to entrust it to your friends guests – nothing good will come of it. So just charge a professional! In the end for you as nobody else does your work!