Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-overcome test of cancer that distanced itself from Apple, Steve Jobs launches the iPad, a tablet PC which will revolutionize the publishing industry to 27 years in the month of January 1984 when it unveiled to the world the Macintosh. For the nostalgic who miss the walkers of mechanical typewriters in the newsrooms and journalists went to the computers in the mid-1980s, now write on the touch screen of 9.7 inches. With the Mac Os X operating system, the new invention of Apple amazes us and opens the doors of the immediate future in this new decade where nanotechnology will be the path to follow. The revolution of the e-book and digital newspapers started it Amazon with the Kindle, a portable monochrome that looks more gray against the imposing invention of Apple. With only a touch in a bookcase, appear several books available to the user who also by simply touching the image, this will move to the front and opens from the first page. The same goes for newspapers. The New York Times is the first of the large Rotary that is available in this new format for the iPad which will revolutionize, but rather that to disappear to the Laptop.

In main menu, also by simply touching the right side screen, select a digital keyboard that appears if the table is horizontally and can immediately write about digital keyboard without any problems. It has wifi connection and can send and receive mail, photos, videos and data. What is most striking, for a product of this nature is the price that goes from from $499 to $999 in United States depending on the memory capacity that comes in 16, 32 and 64 megs. Without with iPhone I stated that Steve Jobs not revolutionized the mobile phone, but it got the computer to the phone, with this new product just did a big iPhone, as said my son the minor. The new product strategy seems aimed to disappear the iPod, this invention has been the salvation of Apple and has saturated envelope to the market. Clear that continue to exist like the iPod touch, but will be a change of course on where will be not only music but a genuine rival to most famous portable consoles like the PSP Go’s face and recent appearance on the market. The most relevant to fans of the creative genius of Jobs, is now CEO of Apple who returned to the company in 2001 with the iMac, is that it is much better health. The presence of Jobs at the Yerba Buena Center in California is that there are Jobs to rato and the next year, in January, we will make the annual question: again, what Jobs?.