German youth offices against morality and ethics thinks it’s been already some weeks since I became active with smaller contributions to the issue of control of the youth offices. The reason for this activity is simply the close observation, as German youth offices in conjunction partly korruptiven destroy thousands of families and individual stories with the family courts every year. Fortunately, there are also a few youth offices, clean working in our country, the extent of this authority secretion is bending rules, lug by the abuse of Office, and wore, as well as corrupt braids so far destroyed, that are the local youth offices hardly in a position to work a technically correct, ethically and morally clean, which really meets the entitlement to welfare. Since my last posts on the subject of youth welfare hundreds calls have reached everywhere me from the Republic, which expressed criticism at the system Jugendhilfe in very different form. Ranges from the personal concern to the dismay of observational the clamping width.

The ECHO was frighteningly clear in any case for me. The youth offices require in there to urge a neutral control, and with the family courts. What is currently up cooking is a wave of anger, despair and outrage, that can be used quickly to the tsunami. Already, the resistance against the inhuman methods of the youth offices begins to organize and to form. Certainly it is also the time to overturn a system that leaves in the name of the well-being of the child to the kids in most terrible circumstances, on the other side on the basis of denunciation and excessive haste intact families apart tears, because they have made their own decisions. Surprising as that now German families in the United States receive political asylum. The youth welfare system currently moving on a very narrow ridge. Recent case is a recently further cemented child abductions in the Altenkirchen district, in which the Youth Welfare Office with the support of the family judge has won a six month young baby, so to deal with foster families.