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The Angel of Christmas is made present on December 24 in every place where you remember the birth of baby Jesus, to offer their gifts of protection. The Angel of Christmas is an energy that connects with what’s new and a reborn spiritual therefore nothing better that ask you for help to transform negative situations into positive, to implement changes, and for everything that we want it reborn within our. To achieve this, we will make a list of goals that you want for the next year. Please choose 7 and write down them on a pink sheet using blue ink, which we will retain during the year and everytime you grant us an order, write down the date that occurred. So when we renew the list in next Christmas, we’ll see how much has helped us our Angel to facilitate our contact, we can perform a series of acts of love and wisdom, thus opening our hearts to grace. Look at the following list and attempts to make the largest possible amount of actions during the week ranging from 17 to 24 December. 1.Visita a wise person: You can treat a person young or old, the important thing is to help you to reflect on the important issues in life.

2.Construye your sacred space: it may be a corner of your House or outdoors, only let yourself be guided by your intuition. It is important that you feel comfortable there to meditate. 3 Get carried away by the Angels: anxiety and despair, as well as also doubt, scare the heavenly beings. It is advisable to spend several hours a week in contact with nature. 4.Estrena an attitude: the routine generates many times us mechanical behaviours that stop our spiritual growth. In the week of Christmas, he makes something new, something that for some reason you’ve postponed. 5.Brinda your love: dedicate time to your loved ones. Find yourself with friends or family and share moments together in harmony 6.

Visit a sacred place: visit a temple, a church, or any other site that is appropriate to raise a prayer and give thanks to God for all the good that you have and that you will receive. 7.Desprendete something very dear: it does not necessarily have to be something of material value, important thing is have a great meaning to it and you give it to someone who might need it. Symbolically, this made a window will open that will attract something new to your life. 8. Open your heart to the unknown: many times, the angels send us messages through unknown persons for us, coincidentally crossing our path. 9. Recalls the best of your childhood: return to our first years of life, the naivete, innocence is the first step to contact with our angel. And to finish: the angels protect especially to those who ask for help for other people. Not only pray for our benefit, but also for others to attend. Surely, they will give you great blessings.


Influence And Legacy

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I flap my sink and I am overwhelmed and I desbarra silent and dusty apart by the wave of delightful calm, and I see life go by, hooked to the world in the curls that touched me: but comes the dawn, with its columns of silt and the great king of Harlem watches us from his janitor suit. Armstrong looking a trumpet.
Armstrong’s influence on the development of jazz is virtually vast. One can even say that because of his overwhelming personality, both as a public figure in his later years as an interpreter, his contribution as a musician and singer has been underestimated.
As a virtuoso trumpet player, Armstrong had a unique and extraordinary talent for melodic improvisation. Through his playing, the trumpet emerged as a solo instrument in jazz. It was a wonderful companion and musical group, apart from his extraordinary qualities as a soloist. With its innovations, raise the bar for all the music that came behind him.
A Armstrong is considered the inventor of the essence of jazz singing. I had an extremely distinctive voice, grave and broken, which unfolds with great skill in his improvisations, reinforcing the words and melody of a song to express purpose. He was also a great expert in the scat, and even agree with some of the legends had been invented during the recording of “Heebie Jeebies” by being forced to improvise nonsense syllables caersele scores to the ground. Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra are examples of singers influenced by.
Armstrong appeared in more than a dozen Hollywood films (although few with some significance), usually director or as banda music. It was the first African American to star in a show of national radio in the thirties. He conducted television appearances, especially in the fifties and sixties, including appearances on The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson. Louis Armstrong has a star on the Walk of Fame at 7601 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood.
Many of the recordings Armstrong remains popular. More than three decades after his death, many of them from all periods of their careers are accessible to the public in a way that they were not living in it. Their songs are usually written and heard, and are honored in movies, television series, advertisements, and even anime and computer games. “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” was included in the computer game Fallout 2, to accompany the introduction. His recordings with Joe Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band continue to be heard as a document-style jazz group from New Orleans. Too often, however, Armstrong was only his sublime trumpet touch in the middle of flat and conventional orchestras. “Melancholy Blues,” performed by Armstrong and his Hot Seven, was included on the Voyager Golden Record sent into space and as a representative of the greatest achievements of mankind.
Armstrong founded a nonprofit foundation for music education of disabled children and bequeathed his house and substantial archives of their writings, books, recordings and memorabilia to Queens College of City University of New York, all once they have occurred also the death of his wife Lucille. The Louis Armstrong Archives are open to researchers and their house was open to the public as a museum on October 15, 2003.<


Drugfree Life

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Munich Club supports UN-campaign for the Club drug education say no to drugs “, which church life was launched by members of Scientology, is committed for 10 years in the field of drug prevention and drug education in Munich. Since that time, many events and information booths on Munich’s road were carried out. Tens of thousands of brochures have been distributed today, to enlighten the people about the devastating effects of drug use. The Office of the United Nations for drugs and crime”worldwide coordinates the various anti-drug activities all over the world. Of 26 June was proclaimed by the UN on the international day against drug abuse.

On the same day, the world drug report of this Office for 2008 in New York City was introduced. According to this report of the Executive Director, Antonio Maria Costa, one has drugs in the last 12 months of 20 people aged between 15 and 64 years. These are 208 million people worldwide, or 4.9% of the World population. This means that every year 200,000 people die from the effects of her drug use. The report states among other things, that especially in the industrialized nations, the development of Drogenkonums has reached a critical severity level and which should be used for the prevention, treatment and reducing the negative consequences of drug use more attention. Worrying the UN Office considered the wave of the opium and coca cultivation, resulting in Afghanistan and Colombia.

The country of Afghanistan is responsible for 82% of the worldwide production of opium and the total cultivation there is 193,000 hectares. The most commonly used drug is still followed by amphetamines with 24.7 million, opiates with 16, 5 million and 16 million users of cocaine cannabis with world’s 165 million consumers. “” With the various information brochures from the series the truth about drugs “makes the Club say no to drugs, say yes to life” its contribution to the fight against drug abuse. The American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard once remarked to drugs: the drug scene is happening on the planet. She swims in blood and human misery”. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX: 089-38607-109,,.