On the Internet there are many tips and also in the course of this, or of the next article, get a few tips. But you should be aware that each website has its own requirements and what works for a Web site, do not necessarily also must work at another site. If you then implement the various tips and test the ads, must, run to get meaningful data, the AdSense ads been awhile. At smaller sites or blogs should you wait a few weeks for larger sites, with significantly more visitors, is also a week. Doubled so there are your AdSense revenue you basically 2 versions such as AdSense ads can work blending is the adaptation of the AdSense ads on the layout. There are then difficult ads ideally of the actual content. Users to be tricked to keep the ads for normal content links.

That’s why Google has advanced many bars the blending, so that one should take care. Because clicks will happen accidentally prevent Google, also if this for webmasters, not are unwelcome. My blending ad has no slimline for the AdSense links, I use the same color, as for the other links in my blog, red. The other text within the AdSense ads is black, just like the color of my text. It goes without saying that the fonts should be the same. Ideally, one would have to represent still own text in the same font size as the text in the display. But because the readability of my texts was more important to me.

The exact opposite in the attempt, with the Google AdSense ads enough to notice that the users perceive these ads and click version 2 traps up. This strategy is hardly recommended and I also got through their own testing on it. The advantage of this method is that users can see the AdSense links are often not so bad and then deliberately.