It’s even my sometimes on other blogs. My 2 “conspicuous” display blocks stand out through various measures. A display has just blue links, but otherwise nothing else than the “Blending display”. Since I’m using but otherwise no blue links in my blog, these links are very strong. You can see this example very well that my tips must of course be customized by you. If someone has a blue theme in his blog, then this display does not really striking. The other display is something striking a frame.

The AdSense success my recipe for success is a combination of both. I’ve tested several types of ads and could gather so first data on the click-through rates. The best 3 display variants, I have then further tested and found an interesting fact. After some time, got the best ads of less clicks. That was an important finding, which in my opinion together strongly connected with the phenomenon of “Banner Blindness” and put me on an idea. So I just took these 3 AdSense blocks (as described above) and incorporated into the Ad Rotator “WPAD”. Now my 3 AdSense ads appear so alternating in the same place.

The plugin “WPAD” is very easy to use and once set up, it runs from alone. With me, there are always the same size, but it is to assume that a change of size (once a 250 250 block, other times a leaderboard or skyscraper) also works very well. It could be just a layout problem. The “change” is one of the “change” my experience is an important factor for the success with AdSense. However you should be also careful regarding the further optimization. Of course, my 3 ads, there are differences in the click-through rate. They are not huge, but one could get the idea to remove the worst display. I tried that once. After two weeks, I had to realize that the total receipts have fallen. There seems to be an effect, where even slightly weaker showing will contribute to the overall success here. If there is of course a display very much behind the others back, then you should replace this with another. More tips for higher AdSense earnings I hope for the an or this AdSense tip is another new and you let me know if you’ve had success. But this is of course not the only reason why I was able to increase my AdSense earnings. 15 more AdSense tips can be found in the article “15 Google AdSense tips for more clicks and higher click rates on the BingBaoard”