The prior Inkasso GmbH about a recent publication of the Federal Association of German debt collection companies. Hamm, in July 2010: the impact of bringing the austerity package of the Federal Republic become apparent at a currently published message of BDIU,. The reintroduction of the so-called “Treasury privilege” in the insolvency proceedings planned in the Government’s austerity package could lead to a further increase in corporate insolvencies. “Many small and medium-sized companies face substantial debt losses” warns BDIU President Wolfgang Spitz. With this measure, the Federal Government aims to achieve 500 million revenue per year.

According to the BDIU, these expectations are unrealistic. Yet targeted to protect from bad debts, you need a solid and professional partner that effectively deals with the recovery of outstanding receivables. The prior Inkasso GmbH offers its clients a professional Receivables Management and support company for the efficient recovery the claim amounts. The use of individualized methods and strategies, by means of which the recovery of the claim can be made effective, as well as time-saving is one of the crucial advantages with which the prior Inkasso GmbH convinced their clients. So the staff of prior Inkasso GmbH always keep in mind a variety of relevant factors before performing the recovery via letter, phone collection, judicial procedure, or if necessary by foreclosure.

In a close cooperation between the prior Inkasso GmbH and the client applies throughout the entire claims process, as a matter of course. A further important factor and advantage is always fair and transparent settlement of prior Inkasso GmbH, which is based purely on success. You minimize the cost risk for the creditor considerably. About the Receivables Management, the prior collection GmbH can offer other services their clients, that help to take financial risks out of the way. Let your accounts receivable management not to chance. Use the experience and expertise of a professional partner. The prior Inkasso GmbH – your premium partner for debt collection services. Company profile: The prior Inkasso GmbH is a debt collection company based in Hamm in Westfalen. The performance spectrum of collection specialists has extensive capabilities that approach to the Receivables Management and beyond services help companies to avoid financial risks. Contact: Prior Inkasso GmbH West ring 2 59065 Hamm (Westfalen) Tel.: +49(0) 180-535 52 04 fax: +49(0) 180-535 52 05 email: web: web: