coresystems Inc. United States conquered the market by storm with its next generation apps & solutions in the SAP environment. Over 35,000 users worldwide already use the proven added value apps and will benefit from a significant increase in effectiveness in daily business. The easy-to-use principle evokes equally huge enthusiasm among users, analysts, and journalists. Windisch/New York, August 3, 2010, In February 2010 was the coresystems United States Inc., subsidiary of Swiss coresystems ag, in New York City at the start, to conquer the market in North America with its instant value apps in the SAP environment. Especially in Europe business one has become coresystems long as market leader for innovative additional solutions for SAP. Globally recognized analysts, and market research institutes predict independently that coresystems with its next generation apps & solutions has laid the foundations for a new form of IT-business and thereby abdicate as a lengthy, costly IT projects can be.

Run the on-demand solutions in the cloud and require either consulting or maintenance. This allows small and medium sized enterprises to significantly streamline their daily business for minimal budget. The market for cloud-based business applications is enormous and coresystems belongs worldwide to the few companies, which already offers a comprehensive on-demand product range. Beta in the Apple app store to download available (see…) plays coresuite mobile for free in version 0.9. Coresuite mobile, it is possible to access, for example, with the iPhone (available soon for iPad, BlackBerry and Google Android), master data and information from SAP business one, to edit service calls, record working times and to allow functionality on the service maps show the GEO location. The integrated dashboard to graphically display current company figures and complete the scope of coresuite mobile as a mobile ERP system. We allowed our next generation apps & solutions during our very short presence in North America impressively demonstrate how exciting, SAP business one can be modern and effective,”reported Arti Sahgal, General Manager of the coresystems United States Inc..