Increasingly there are more concurrency, so still fairly wild can subsist in every day, on this planet. Not only among large companies, groups, cartels, monopolies, trustes. But, above all, between people themselves, who may not capsize pressures that initially, in everyday life. In March 2006, the magazine Veja, 1945 Edition, published an important study by the Federal University of Sao Paulo. With the title of Vice employee, the report reveals that: about 15% of the Brazilian professionals are dependent on drugs and alcohol in the workplace, or consume them frequently, according to a study published recently by the Federal University of Sao Paulo. According to the Ministry of labour, these employees are missing about 26 days per year without justification, triple the number of a common employee misconduct. Their productivity is up to 30% smaller, and the risks of accidents at work are five times higher ().

They are not, unfortunately, enduring the daily battle for survival, which became brutal, under various aspects. The human being is is dipping, increasingly more intensively, in an unstable mental condition, because she moved away from most primary that life begins before the life and knowledge that death does not interrupt the existence of the spirit. If kept away from spiritual science, which comes from the heavenly Dimension, and if the Lord sheep do not carry the redemptive doctrine without sectarianisms of Ecumenical Christ, which elevates the human being, because clean his soul and liberates it from spiritual ignorance that tormented, the creature away from the divine lessons, human, you will sadly suffer even more. The son of God at any time said the sheep: I command as foolish, Loggerhead, cowardly, elusive. In addition, by not serving evil, Jesus was crucified. However, as I usually remember in my talks, when religious and political at that time they tried to kill him to lift it at the cross, at the time of the supreme sacrifice, they put him above all heads.