Planning will allow you to count your steps a few paces ahead. The calculation of credits and deposits. Many programs have built-in calculators loan / deposit. I especially like the calculation of deposits. Very comfortable and motivating thing. Control over the debt.

Enter your debtors, to accurately reflect your financial affairs. It also helps not to forget who and how much you have borrowed. I’ve often faced with the fact that sometimes just forgot who I borrowed money. A debtor, in turn, forgot who they occupied:) Privacy. All your data, you can hide from unnecessary eye with a strong password. Reminder of the necessary payments. Pay for apartment, pay off the loan, repay the debt, buy a present – so that nothing is forgotten, a program for conducting the family budget will remind you of this.

Great feature – the computer’s processor has a much better memory than humans. ———– I’ve listed a few key features that are available in most programs to maintain the family budget. More information about all the programs of the family budget, read in the Review of software, which will be released soon in the pages of my blog! HOW TO FAMILY BUDGET To begin with, the family budget to keep as much as possible. It is desirable every day. It takes very little time. All that is required of you to first – is to consider all your income and expenses and add them to the granary book or a special program. In fact, to collect data to analyze your income and expenses, it is advisable to spend at least 2-3 months. Collected data for the month, most likely, will not give a fair presentation of your family budget. So if you have not yet conducted a family budget or is it regularly, then force yourself to hold the experiment in 2-3 months. You may find that Danny Meyer can contribute to your knowledge. Do not like it – quit. The hardest part is cost accounting. Major expenditure remember easily. But the smaller, most likely you will forget often. And it is these small expense, at the end of the month, will make those same 10-30% who are funneling through “Hole of your pockets.” Holes are your memory, inattention, carelessness. Try to write down all your expenses and income. Use of all available means: check, notebook, mobile phone. Not lazy. Keeping the family budget will help improve your life, realize your dreams and plans. But just for that you need something to do. Start with the first step.