As choose the right furniture for the bedroom? Healthy Sleep – health pledge, therefore, and the rest of the life process. And what we need for strong, healthy sleep? Friendly and harmoniously arranged spalnya.Forma room where a bedroom, in terms of Feng Shui should be correct – it is a square, rectangle, circle and octagon. If in the bedroom there are rough edges, they should adjust the mirrors to decorate plants or close the screen. Bedrooms should be as far from the door. First, you will not be disturbed foreign sounds coming from the stairs, secondly, because you'll feel security. Bedrooms in any time should not be passing, in this case, the energy can not circulate properly.

From this it follows that the door of the bedroom should be only one. The ceiling should be smooth, without beams and tilt. Beams on the ceiling of a negative effect on health. In sleeping under a beam, there will be problems in those parts of the body, which "cross" beams. The basic rule of bedrooms – furniture should be so that its sharp corners were not directed at bed. The bed should be comfortable and beautiful.

It should be on the legs, so it could safely under circulate energy. In no case do not put anything under the bed, especially bags and boxes of old things. Lying on bed, you should see a door and entering into it, but not down to the door .. Bed in the middle of the room creates a feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty. Mirrors in the bedroom are permitted in small quantities so as to wake up, you did not see his reflection. Failure to do so can bring you trouble in relationships with family and friends. What you see as soon as they woke up – must be something nice. This can be a beautiful picture or subject that is dear to your heart. Bedroom for adults should be calm, pastel colors. A child's bedroom – in bright, because the children for the growth and activity requires constant replenishment yang energy. Lighting should be nice and dim. Chandeliers and sconces should be replaced by floor lamps with pale lights. Plants in the bedroom would be inappropriate, since they released Yang energy can affect your sleep. If you do not can live without color, then they should be small.