This communication is face to face fundamental to reach with your message and involving the public in your fight. Field Marketing is our great ally at short distances. Antonio Gonzalez, Medical Director of the is world alternative, tool capable of eliminating the advantage that, until today, had large companies when communicating their products. Now, any company, regardless of its economic potential, can access this extraordinary instrument that enables interactivity, creativity and personal communication actions, direct and able to promote the necessary complicity between all product/brand with your target audience. That is why salute with joy this new formula: imagination + proximity = guaranteed success. Gerardo Gonzalez Otero, CEO of G2O PUBLISPORT Field Marketing has made products that promotes be perceived otherwise, humanizing them and associating them to activities that potential customers perceive as their own. This makes products that are everyday in our lives, to come to our minds by experience or a way of living.

So brands individualized become something else and when you enjoy them you think that estashaciendo something more than simply consume it. The marketing field is a living tool that allows to develop the humanization of the brands projecting new routes so that products are perceived in a different way. Charles Juste, responsible for Channel Retail Territorial Center Vodafone Spain under my point of view, the Field Marketing is one of the branches of Marketing that more insured must have its continuity, since it is what allows the interaction with the user, through the human element.What that human element is so fundamental, could be a double-edged weapon, since you leave your image, your brand, and all the values that it fall into a person. Therefore, to get the field campaign to succeed, it is essential that person that it develops, this: motivated, know in depth the framework of game moves (positioning, strengths, competition, etc), and have a refined left hand to know out of compromising situations. If so, the success of the action will be secured. Antonio Khalaf, Marketing Manager for Yell field marketing allows us to access the client through the emotions.Thanks to the loyal marketing we can interact with the customer and make totally different to traditional marketing campaigns. Oscar Soriano, Director General Tiberauto our society lives immersed within the so-called attention economy and therefore the physical contact, the sense of belonging with the branding and customization of information received by the customer, key concepts within the field current marketing becomes increasingly more effective.