In the West, you complained that the reunion was much too expensive. Also the left, a successor party of the ruling in the East German SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany), gain more and more votes. We have a title “sure: world champion in the wailing”, because we are already a unit. We should lead us once the situation in mind and realize that the reunification was a courageous feat. Several times the fate of the revolution was on a knife edge. Unthinkable, as Germany, Europe and the world would look today, when then tanks of the Soviet Union and the brother regime had bloody crushed the protesters. It would probably become another black hour of the German history of the 20th century.

But a combination of courage and reason, a strong political trio (German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher and Willy Brandt), and a large portion of luck led to the goal of reunification of Germany. No one could guarantee that the liberation movements would prevail in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia (Czechoslovakia). Certainly nobody thought that Michail Gorbatschow to put was his power and the existence of the Soviet Union on the game ready. Or what would have happened When US President George Bush senior and EU Commission President Jaques Delors had not trusted the Germans? November 9, 1989 – the day the wall fell when – is a day that the people and especially young people must never forget. We must continue to work on a social, liberal and democratic Federal Republic of Germany, which arises other problems. In addition, the reunification process is not yet completed. “We must remember the words of Willy Brandt continues to: complete the process of living together is the new and the old German citizens who are only, if we no longer know who.” How right he is yet. Finally: the wall was stormed after more than 28 years