Industry – priority development area in the country. Naturally, this situation has a significant impact on Internet policy today Runet, and as a consequence, there is a lot of freely accessible information resource industry. In the bulk of these portals are quite similar in structure and content. Their main goal – to provide interaction between producers and consumers industrial products. The study of industrial markets on the web shows that although the industry is gradually growing niche Runet, yet the majority of producers and industry professionals the industry often avoids Internet marketing. According to the latest Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR), only 15% of manufacturers launch online marketing campaigns. Figures surprisingly low, given that, in general, Internet advertising market is growing (around 67% per year). Over 70% of companies registered in the commercial portals are limited to placing a summary of the company.

Only 5% – use all the features of the market (Place products, press releases and articles), that is, considering the industrial market as an Internet marketing tool. Manufacturers that conduct online marketing campaigns on the web, realize that if people moved to the Internet, and marketing budgets should follow them. And this applies to all areas of the economy. Together in the same time, regional industrial companies often do not see the need to move Internet because of lack of connectedness of the region. Roughly speaking, do not want to see "further than his nose." Confirm an example. Analyze the content of Yandex-director of two types of industrial queries: "Industrial equipment" (common) and "listogib" (target highly specific).