Js.1: 8. Tiny homes has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the following topic we will deal with acurada form these three factors. In short, we can say that, Intelligence Spiritual is the ability or the capacity to believe in the God of the Word, and in the Word of God. The knowledge of this results in the increase of the faith. That is, the more we know the principles the holy ghosts contained in the Sacred Bible, more we try and we interact with our Salvador. He was proper Mr. Jesus who taught in them and opened this ' ' porta' ' of agreement, in despertando for great interior changes that produce wisdom, peace, balance and a propitious environment for the perfectioning and discovery of new values and intentions of life. I want to stand out that, the natural man has only the types of natural Intelligence.

But Intelligence Spiritual alone the been born ones of possess new it: ' ' However, not accepted the natural man the things of the Spirit of God, because for it they are madness; cannot understand them, because they discern themselves spiritual. But what it is spiritual discerns everything well, while it for nobody is discerned. Therefore, who never knew the mind Mr., so that it can instruct it? But we have the mind of Cristo' ' (1Co 2,16). Pablo says, in this text, to have two types of people: psychiki (natural) and pneumatikoi (spirituals). It is completely it are of the possibilities of the natural man to understand the Spirit, therefore who only has Intelligence Spiritual can make it.

Because the Spirit by means of the Word took ownership of the one safe, instead of the natural mind, it possesss ' ' the mind of Cristo' '. ' ' The man who possesss the Spirit shares of the holy ghost ' ' (cf. 2Pe 1,4). He observes that Pablo made a bold affirmation: ' ' we have the mind of Cristo' ' , that is, Intelligence Spiritual, therefore, the man spiritual does not see the things of the perspective of the world, but of the point of view of its Salvador.