The moral siege is a problem of public health and its cost is very raised under the economic-financial point of view, for the society and also it possesss a human cost. The cost of the siege is supported by the responsible one, the society and the people who of it participate direct (victim, witnesses) or indirectly (familiar and friends). Economic-financial Under the point of view economic its cost is raised because it makes with that carried through works are wasted, the mark of products and services are affected, the harmed productivity either, occur the degradation of the work environment, the enterprise either reached name, occur the suspension of the employment contract, etc. still did not see no statistics in Brazil, more in the United States the total cost for the employers for acts practised in the work environment were esteem in more than 4 billion dollar and the expenditures for the treatment of the depression arrive the 44 billion dollar according to BIT – International Labour Office, on ONU (international Bureau du travail). In the Europe the cost is esteem in 20 billion dollar. Certainly that this cost also is raised in Brazil. Under the financial point of view the responsible one for the moral siege will be able for a reason or purpose to pay to a very high value indemnity for the moral and material damages that the assediado one to suffer.

The values of indemnity have varied very, find convictions that go of R$ 10,000, 00 (ten a thousand Reals) R$ 2.000.000, 00 (two Real million), these values are fixed in agreement the agreement of each judge, therefore they are so changeable. The economic-financial cost is very high, therefore, it seems that no controller wants cautious it to pay, for this, is necessary that the siege is prevented before being treated. Social b the problem does not only affect the work, but the society that finishes contributing with the public expenses for the treatment them problems of health caused by the siege, over all with the depression problems.