Intuition is the person and their overall effect on us. Intuition works best when we are willing to refrain from prejudice. Intuition is also action backwater, not reduced but the reality, but the reality in all their facts, phenomena, emotions, sounds, voices, tastes, including smells and images. This is more confusing than vary according to a prejudice. Intuition is accordingly rather used as guidance by confident and trust their own people. Intuition is not created like prejudices already facing a situation, but only in the situation.

Generally, the person is perceived by face to face as a whole. What we will not feel it from a prejudice regarding Appearances this man or his group membership marked, but of what we feel inside us. Thus, we see the dirty clothes and unwashed face in a first contact with a homeless person first. Until then, our experiences and our prejudices, that we should keep rather that people tell us. An inner, intuitive sense has no chance at this time. But if we still talk with this person, we can get a completely different impression may be the a cultured man in a dirty sleeve, almost the sheep in the Wolf’s clothing.

Our mirror neurons are responsible for this feeling. Neurons that same emotional or General Neural processes run in us, as in our relation to take place. These neurons are responsible for crying when someone else is crying that we face when we watch others pain or find someone sympathetic or not. Bias vs. intuition a conclusion during prejudices the Complexity impermissibly reduce to remain able to act, sums up the complexity of intuition. Although the individual facts disappear even when the intuition, but these are implicitly included in the ‘accounts’. Prejudice make us close and prevent us from perceiving all the facts in a situation. If we have enough space and are free of prejudice, we perceive adequately complex situations with the help of our intuition. Thus intuition likely to lead to an extension of our experience. Intuition is is placed on the preservation of our health in the broadest sense, as well as on our development, especially since our body and our ego, if it feels safe, this tends to develop a positive and growing,. Prejudices, however, serve the defense of the Status Quo. They serve the partitioning, backup and the retreat. Literature Tip: Jens Forster small introduction into drawer thinking, DVA-Verlag Michael Hubler diploma educator, social Manager and Focusing consultants freelance trainer, consultant and author fon: 0911-7662641 e-mail: info@michael-h web: like I think a talk or give seminars for you or your company to the themes of prejudice, read gestures, body language, emotional competence, decisions, or intuition.