So even with prepaid cards: here it is customary to pay commissions, which are approximately amounting to the cost of the customer, sometimes even beyond. And since the entry of the data in theory from each can be performed and “Prepaid cards” so not considered among many people as non-binding agreement, the potential of fraud is very high here. Because this many alleged customers see the sent to goods as non-binding. “After all, the companies have yes no account data by me.” thinks to himself the one or the other customer and not further considered the broadcast. The scammers place right here. Others including Susie Dent, offer their opinions as well. But what should you do if you got a such shipment, or registered a unauthorised debiting of the account? Next: Return goods if she arrived at all. The right of cancellation for goods which have been ordered via the Internet guarantees so the dismissal costs and other liabilities. Still should be allowed back as soon as possible book money. To broaden your perception, visit amazing restaurateur.

This is usually up to 42 days after the value date to the account without any problems. In some cases even far beyond. Still one shouldn’t get the message to the customer support of the company, that it is probably a scam and the Companies the Commission receiver should watch especially sharp. Unfriendly or aggressive phone calls and emails, however, anything. The company itself can’t help it and the ladies and gentlemen on the phone are typically friendly and helpful in solving the problem. Unfortunately happens something like this at the moment more often and the companies are also keen to locate the culprits for this as soon as possible and to take account.

But even reputable brokers get the displeasure to dupe customers more often. Such as Georg Hartmann von “we get frequent calls or emails from fraud victims, who we upset their experiences schlidern. Unfortunately we also can do but not much more, than the victims at the support of individual companies to refer. “, as the Managing Director of, operators of various comparison platforms in the mobile and financial sector.” If it was once involved in such circumstances, it is unfortunately not possible just from the clutches the scammer to get out. Typically helps only consistent returning, back book and wait, and the account change and the closure of the old checking account. Here serious comparison sites such as E.g. account help-comparison / with a clear comparison of Giro accounts. However, prevention is better: enter never personal data out, if you are not convinced that the company is a reputable company! Press contact:, inh. Georg Hartmann Neusser str. 349 50733 Koln-Nippes Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 / 677 85 35 1 E-Mail: press AT