One another consequence of the disordered urban growth is the atmospheric pollution not only in function of the biggest population density, but, also, because the city of Manaus holds greater concentration of industrial activities. These processes provoke ambient, social and cultural disequilibria that have forts interferences in the life of the local populations. One of the strong impacts occurred for occasion of the gomfera economy that brought great contigentes of northeasterns injects for them Amazonian and that, after the decline of the activities of the Hevea Brasiliensis, many of them had come to Manaus finishing for provoking ' ' inchao' ' abrupt of the city. The same it occurred with the Zona Franca project of Manaus that promoted an intensive exodus agricultural, instigating the coming of many other Brazilians for the industry of half-structuralized products. When analyzing the city of Manaus, Oliveira (2003) explains that the analyses of the socioespaciais relations explicitam the resultant contradictions of production of the city in a different society and affirms that, To understand the urban space means to not only identify the mechanisms that place in functioning the social system, but tambmas some dimensions by means of which the social system if specializes in the city. To if identifying the way as some producing agents of the urban space if they specialize in the city, is possible to see what it is hidden behind the visible landscape, that is, to understand the interrelation process and form, what it means, of the geographic point of view, the followed description of the analysis of the landscape (p.30). The city is a production and/or construction human being who congregates the cultures, the feelings, the representations of imaginary the social one, the conflicts, the classrooms and all the other elements of the relations of the daily one. This implies an effort of understanding of the complexity of the relations man and way; societais nature and relations; region small farm, in an exempt dimension of any connotation of tribe, or linguistic group, nation, place and world.