Ongoing dialogue, clear rules, public investment in infrastructure and incentives, this seems to be the recipe for Peru which has generated admiration by other countries and which has led to the Chilean site strategy to devote an article requesting the Chilean authorities that they imitate the initiatives of the neighboring country. For Chilean entrepreneurs, the Peruvian market is of particular importance since it is the third destination of their direct investments abroad and, according to the information provided by the Chilean site strategy, from 1990 to June of this year, it recorded a turnover of US $6,293 million in Chilean investments. The attraction of Peru as a destination for Chilean investments continues to grow to the point that it ranked first, with $601 million, in the first half of 2008, and with prospects to continue increasing. It is the Government of Alan Garcia has shown to have clear objectives to support the growth and development of the Peruvian economy through investment incentive productive. Peru makes permanent efforts to attract foreign investment, even in these times where most of the other countries of the planet are concentrated on the effects of the international financial crisis, in Peru is still thinking about attracting investments. Is that the best response to the crisis is for the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia,: making that investment will continue, guaranteeing stable rules of the game, that converts to the Peru in a country’s capital and investment who leave other countries to investors. Thus, while the ghost of recession has been installed in the first world, the Peruvian economy expects to grow 9.5 per cent this year and between 6% and 7% for the coming year, this largely through the impetus of productive investment. What Peru offers both local and foreign investors? Firstly, Peru protects the investor, either local or foreign. This is what the President of the Chileno-Peruana Chamber of Commerce, says Jorge Sumalavia, saying: the Government protects foreign investment in all fields: mining, energy, concessions, retail.