For the line of industrial production (charque), and 100,000 kgs., for mineralizao, what it would complete the quantitative physicist acquired of 500.000k. It is of if to also consider the possibility of if creating one mechanics of BOX FLOW, where a financial sum of R$ 190,000, 00 for the meat MORE R$ 110,000, 00 for salt or R$ 300,000 would not be necessary, 00 of immediate availabilities for you dislocate in the two countries. The great challenge would be TO AT LEAST BUY SALT IN PERU WITH 60 DAYS and VENDER CHARQUE ALSO IN PERU WITH IN the MAXIMUM 30 DAYS, thus maneuvering RESOURCES OF THIRD. No longer BRAZIL, VENDER SALT WITH IN the MAXIMUM 30 DAYS and TO BUY CHARQUE WITH At least 60 DAYS, also maneuvering with RESOURCES OF THIRD, separating, in the measure of possible, the two movements: Peruvian, purchase of salt and sales of charque and Brazilian, purchase of charque and sales of salt, preventing itself in the possible measure do, financial costs with international remittances. The here appropriate costs had been increased by question of security guard of the surplus results.

In the same way the values of recovery (sales), had been minimized, in order to occasion similar effect how much to the safety margin. The evidential documents of these data are to the disposal always and when necessary COMMENT: – These calculations had been also effected in 2004 and relatively need to be readjusted to the reality of 2011 to its values. Documents of support. ) – the Relation of interested Peruvian Supermarkets in meat of charque; b) – Relation of producers of salt in Peru; c) – commercial Agreements Brazil-Peru; d) – Given statisticians of commercial interchange between the two countries; e) – Letters of Peruvian banks to the disposal; f) – Cost of installation, promotion maintenance of firm in Peru; g) – Letter of the more traditional customs broker of the south of Peru. Cordial, Emmanuel Luiz of Souza. C.I. 6.071.338 – SSP/SC..