One of most frequent queries we receive about the perfume is its effect on the skin. The reality is that any substance that we put on the skin will affect it one way or another, and is at this point where you can clearly see the difference between a quality product and one more economical. If a perfume is not good, it is likely that its formulation contains too many pigments, and inclusive, that the same pigments are of low quality. In addition, low quality perfumes usually contain a higher proportion of ethyl alcohol. So far, we have already listed two perfume components that can have negative effects on the skin.

Pigment, with intensive use, heat and perspiration could stain the skin, although on a transitional basis. However, if we observe some kind of discoloration on the skin with the use of certain perfumes, more convenient will be followed not employing them. Similarly, ethyl alcohol may affect negatively sensitive skins, causing dryness and peeling with continued use. By this cause we recommend not applying perfume on very sensitive skin, as the babies. Another of the effects of some perfume on the skin should be noticed.

Certain perfumes combined with exposure to the Sun can cause stains on the skin. The cause of this phenomenon is a skin reaction caused by scented cosmetics and solar radiation. The exact name of this phenomenon is Phototoxicity, and it’s a kind of allergic reaction that makes the skin secrete too much melanin, the pigment that moles and natural stains are composed. These stains caused by perfumes and Sun could last for a period of more or less extended period of time, although generally they usually go without resorting to drug treatments. The sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation, affecting the skin in a negative way naturally. The excess production of melanin is a mechanism of natural defence, whereby the skin is protected by trying to block these rays, which are nothing less than responsible for the dreaded skin cancer. Perfumes with particularly oil of bergamot and citrus essences tend to show one higher incidence in this type of unwanted effect frequency. Therefore it must be used, firstly, quality perfume. And, in addition, it is always good to beware of excessive exposure to the Sun’s rays, with or without perfume.