However, dwell on innovation Hakkapeliitta 5. Importantly – in the clutches As usual in the continuity of families, Hakkapeliitta 5 has a the predecessor of the best. In particular, it concerns the type of tread pattern as the best mode of behavior on the bus sludge, wet snow and melted the road. It is also observed configuration of the sharp shoulder, which is typical for northern conditions, to provide good lateral grip. New in the tread – the central rib, more rigid than the previous design, and dual . But most importantly – the decision, that the Finns dubbed the "bear claw".

It is connected directly to the construction tread, which is inserted spike. "Bear claw" – a projection on each of these checkered. Tasks to perform – to create a rubber mixture of tension, making it more solid and keep spine in position, preventing its slope. Evolution of the square tenon undergone changes and made his debut for Hakkapeliitta 4 square tenon, which received the prefix "Plus" and become completely square, with square hard metal insert, square flange and base. This achieves two positive things: a broader base improves grip on ice, and the tongue better retained in the rubber compound. In addition, a square tenon with a "plus" – an environmental sample spike. When conducting comparative studies of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5 tires with major competitors in the independent state Research Institute of Finland (VTT) concluded that the tires wear out the major competitors roadbed to 30 percent more than the Finnish innovation.