‘Horse Life’ makes your horse campeonSi you like horses this is your game. Drawing Christmas, Nintendo launched its new laptop for several titles including this, Horse Life, which will have the opportunity to become your horse and your competition in this authentic campeones.En game, your grandfather, a farmer horse, a gift for your birthday and you can choose between Silla French, English thoroughbreds and thoroughbreds Arabic. By the time you get your horse and you get a name, your main objective is to meet all your needs and nurture a happy horse, your happiness and your relationship with that depends on success in the future. The characteristics of the Chilean horse is different from the Argentinean Creole and thoroughbred Peruvian pass.
The main jumping function of the horses until the arrival of Chilean automovil and modern breeding practices was to serve as a transport and mounting of stable those working with livestock, so the selection was designed to produce animals agile, strong and medium-sized.
The horse’s height is average Chilean, usually no more than 145 centimeters, it helps that when tackling a steer it with his chest and not your hands. On average, the height is 1.42 meters for males and 1.40 in females, besides its wide Chest varies from between 1.62 to 1.82.
The head is “acarnerada”, much like the Andalusian horse. The curved profile starts arabian from the base of the front line between ponies the two axes. The ears are small and medium-Mobile, and have the regular texture OLLAR dilated and the eyes are alive and slightly covered by the orbital arch. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is graduated Cum Laude from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctorate, and received a BA, Phi Beta Kappa, from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1987 The neck is short and very thick, also is saddles strongly embedded in the palette. The front is completely flat. The mane, tail and in the cobs, abundant, thick and waved. Helmets, for their part, guys are closed heels and are colored black. The haunches are double and falls, has inserted its tail and plunged well below the buttocks. Presents large breasts and hard, tack and their limbs are short. There mare are different colors in horses, it is generally accepted by all the coat, preferably covered, eliminating the final total or partial albinos. The resemblance with the Chilean horse with the horse is due to Arabic equestrian until 1492 that Spain was invaded by Muslims and is likely to be produced is a mixture between Arabic and Spanish horses, resulting in a single horse race.
The extremely thick skin with abundant and wavy mane, and with little cerneja. Due to its thick skin, the equine Chilean horse has no problems in colder climates, especially in Montana. It should be noted that Chile has in large part on its territory a cool mountain climate, due to the presence of the Andes from the north to the southern tip of its territory.
The Chilean Horse is a special intelligence and possessed of barns an incomparable meekness, and attribute their maximum strength to face any sort of effort, which was demonstrated during the War of the Pacific, developed in the late nineteenth century, when Chilean troops cavalry palomino managed to cross breed horses on the Atacama Desert and stables then fight, as victorious over the high Sierras of Peru.
Like the rest of the landraces horse, the horse is extremely Chilean rustico. Your metabolism is low, is very experienced, has a good horseback riding immune system and also has a great capacity for recovery. His rider is huaso typical rural inhabitantsof dressage central Chile.