and died of old age. Moral: the success of any project depends on thoroughly thought-out plan. 2. Grandmother of Dedkov granddaughter for grandmother, granddaughter of the beetle, a cat for bugs, mouse over cat, pull-pull – pulled! A turnip-then pulled only by a mouse – well, how could a mouse to dream that she will give plenty of both, with impunity, shabby cat’s tail! Moral: the success of any project depends on effective motivation system.

3. Prince Ivan shot from a bow. Arrow flew into the swamp and got straight into a frog. Yes, – thought Prince Ivan – that bestiality, necrophilia that … Moral: the success of any business depends on the proper use of resources.

4 .- Gingerbread-loaf, I’ll eat you! – Do not eat me, Lisa, I’ll sing a song! – Sing, Gingerbread Man! – The fox said, and thought – So it turns out, what – the restaurant: first, the music, and then a snack! Moral: always important to interpret the situation. 5. Flies, Prince Ivan on the Grey Wolf over the fields, over the woods. Wolf Lake past the eye passes, the blue mountains tail swings. For a long time even after finding out that the king Berendey – who has delivered on Ancient Rus marijuana? Moral: there is no morality – amoral tale! 6. “If by magic in my desire, let me bake herself lucky!”. Stove went out of the house, and on it Emelya. Emelya sits on the stove and oven going – people diva given. Emelya rides on the oven village, the village, the town of the city – and listen to his oven. And the day went, and night. And in this time in the house without the oven frozen, his entire family. Moral: every PR campaign must comply resources and take account of local climatic conditions.