“For more equal pay: salary negotiation tips for women annually to the Equal Pay Day is the question equal payment” once again prove to the discussion and current figures: still, women earn about 20 percent less than men. In addition to much-needed change of performance evaluation in enterprises, women must be active, to achieve the objective of equal of pay.Melanie Vogel, career expert and initiator of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, has five do’s and Don’ts put together, should heed the women in salary negotiations: 5 do’s: be proactive: not through hard work and diligence get recognition alone. Search the conversation with the Manager. Waiting for you are not others on you come to. Be prepared: academic studies have shown that men with much clearer content objectives into a negotiation than women – and are also better informed generally about the relevant levels. Collect information, are looking for supporters – if necessary also by a Gehaltscoaching in advance. For even more analysis, hear from Be emotionally: women tend to take failure personally and to blame themselves. This is not appropriate here. Remain objective, focus on your goal and your strengths and try it again in half a year. Get out of the concept: that in salary negotiations opposition is brought to you, is normal and is part of the power game. Also here the concentration is on your target and on the visibility of your performance. Choose the wrong time: the current economic situation of the company and also the call preferences of your supervisor, when the deadlines. Dates at the end of the week are recommended, then both sides have the weekend to reverberate to the negotiation. Be inflexible : Inertia is not attached when a failure of a content negotiation. Goats you prefer that you have understanding for the reasons of the company – but you make clear that you expect a concession. Either in the fixing of a new date in a few months or in the concession such as a vacation day, a corporate-funded training or a bonus over a completed project, you’re working on.