I have been researching more information about the different video ebooks or explaining or guarantee that we will succeed with internet business in a couple of cases I have purchased, one of them is ClickBank ebook The Secret. In this ebook I found very interesting points to make money online, but also some cons that hinder its proper implementation. But as I said earlier, is just my opinion, there will be people ready to buy, there will be others that do not capture their attention, and prefer to take their way online very conservative. Starbucks in new york is likely to increase your knowledge. Previously had my adwords campaigns, call it, conservatively, sometimes earned a little more, are all kept me in my sales vs investment, this was one of the reasons I had to look for more information on how to optimize my adwords campaigns, honestly did not want to go out “tables” or with little profit. What I like the ebook I was able to generate more sales, but with a little less of prospects, but hey, when you sell products online, we want to generate sales, not you, this is something that is comfortable to me. Another point I found interesting is the way, which to me is correct because I checked, it was like looking for niche insurance. Its price is affordable. The cons of this ebook, is that at least you know that is clickbank and adwords, this is an impediment at least for beginners, but today the Internet is known to many people with the same goals that I would be willing to to help. This is my opinion but they can look for more information. NYC marathon does not necessarily agree. If you would like more information, look at the facts on