There are also Higher income countries with high social standards such as Denmark, Sweden and the Switzerland (not a member of the EU), but these countries do not belong to the euro zone. All of these designated income is declining, and that a creeping, spreading poverty throughout the euro area. The result that implies is a European internal market in retreat; in decline. There also growth rates, change how for example then nothing when exporting, because this growth or recovery hangs plain and simple in the wheels of the economy, and puts into perspective there. And this “recovery” will certainly only worn by the export of the general situation in the population of the Federal Republic of Germany, creeping poverty and declining market, thus nothing is changed. Growth of at least 10-15% is needed to make positive income of the Europeans. With such gains could be through salary increases % and adjustments in the range of 7-8 in the pensions and the Hartz IV area and the Significantly revitalize domestic markets.

Unfortunately, this is utopia and never feasible. With this wisdom, the fate of Euroland is sealed. Poverty will increase and widen (see annual poverty reports). How could you strengthen the income and thus mobilize the domestic markets. The only way new production plants and Service Manager, which pay their workers decently. Unfortunately, you must use this word jobs.

It new well-paid jobs need to be created which in turn depends on education, innovation and research. Now the Government is again to sabotage what should be done. It doesn’t matter who just ruled. Through the lifetime extension of nuclear power plants of the future market and the technology of the future at all, which on a long, long time and persistent, could create the all-important new production plants and a better income, is exposed to plain and simple. In this technology of the future (renewable energy) is the largest and only chance a the negative trend on the labour and markets for once to stop and not least to confront climate change, the most important thing.