Mice and rats are old, live next to a man enjoy his works. From childhood, everyone knows this is an animal: a mouse is often found in Russian fairy tales (mouse-norushka), in the tales of other countries, copyright works. Scientifically proven that rodents – is the most common class of mammals. Only in Russia and countries friendly to it (by territory) there are approximately 140 species of rodents, and this is no more, no less accounts for half of all mammal species in the region. Unfortunately, most of the class of rodents – are harmful to humans.

They are harmful to agriculture, the most significant harm bring: ground squirrels, voles, mice and rats. But we should rejoice, because in ancient times, the rodents inflicted far more damage to people (in rare cases, they continue to do so to this day) as they were, and are carriers of dangerous diseases, such as – the plague, encephalitis, tularemia – for man and not a lot of less serious diseases for the life of pets. Many diseases are carried from rodents to man insects, mites, making them even more dangerous for us to contact you. Almost all the rodents are small mammals and their weight varies from 10 grams (some mice) to several kilograms, for example in hares and rabbits, which oddly enough are also 'twinned' mice and rats. The heaviest of this class – the South American capybara capybara, which weighs as much as 50 kilograms (the same number, for example, some adults weigh slender people).