If the agency's Web site stated strategic goals, review them carefully. The priorities of the agency, which aims 'to become the largest contract research company in Russia and control 75% of the market' can be revenue growth, profit, customer base, which is very far from your own business goals. Try not to be 'controlled by the market', a unique favorite client, who is allowed to call at 3 am the project manager and demand an accounting or consulting. If you're happy with second position more, look for Agency, the values are 'strict adherence to client interests and objectives in order to strengthen their market position', for example. What affects the quality of research? Above we considered some evaluation criteria that can be applied in the search for information about the research agencies.

In addition to these indicators of experience and reputation in the process become more familiar with the agencies should pay attention to other important moments. Marketing research – highly intellectual activity, which may engage in quality only to highly trained specialists. High qualification Team Research Agency includes special education for each of its members. During the initial negotiations, ask the following details. Who exactly will be busy with your project? How many of these projects worked every one of them? What is their experience in market research? What colleges and what specialties they finished? Who will manage the project, how much and what kind of projects he has successfully completed? Very it is important that agency employees who will be engaged in your research, have sufficient knowledge in academic research.