Unfortunately this does not happen automatically and we will be we who through responsible education we will make this happen. More than half of serious bites and fatalities that occur by attack dogs suffering children 5-9 years, but babies are particularly vulnerable! A baby can be confusing for a dog if you have never seen one. Babies smell different from adults, their physical shape is different, and make sounds and move very differently. Dogs with strong predatory instinct size and the weakness of a baby can trigger an attack. It is also logical and common that the whole family is devoting attention exclusively to the baby and the dog go into the background.

If your dog has dominance issues or are obsessed with you, teninendo hiperapego a relationship and also your father you will become in a short time I warn you that this is very dangerous and can have problems. Families who are awaiting the birth of a baby and have a dog should carefully evaluate the situation. What is the dog's temperament, what is the relationship with its owner, these data are very important. If the future owner of the dog and dad is a weak leader and the dog has mastered the home, especially if it is big and strong breed that has had any sign of aggression in the past, if the dog is accustomed to receive constant attention and displayed territorial and possessive, I recommend you start find a new home for your dog andtes the child's birth.